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NSI Technology Limited (the name means Networking Systems International) is a family owned business with a simple mantra – to help Boards and Officers turn their Not for Profits into Not for Losses.

Founded by John and Irene McGrane in 2014 to deliver unique technology and related solutions to cause-focused organisations, NSI solves a very important problem. Often the excellent efforts of like-minded people who care for an organisation serving a common cause (whether for commerce, culture or community) are constrained by a lack of economic scale or a lack of the resources to grow their network organisation to its full potential and to service their members’ interests to the highest standards.

NSI exists to solve this dilemma, delivering specially developed technology and related solutions that enable organisations to achieve the economic and membership benefits of scale but without the commensurate costs.

NSI works closely with membership organisations that are typically curated and driven by a strong volunteer committee or a revolving board with finite resources. NSI’s shared-resource proposition constructively disrupts the established model for cause-focused networks, enabling such organisations to afford and leverage the full functional resources they need - but at a fraction of the cost. These resources include membership development and servicing to the highest standards at scale and the comprehensive support of expertise at CEO level, finance and funding, legal and

compliance, sales and relationship management, events, IT and CRM as well as communications and governance along with prestige offices and related assets.



NSI works closely in support of multiple caused-focused organisations with interests in Britain and Ireland and beyond. Key relationships include the British Irish Chamber of Commerce (www.britishirishchamber.com ) and in 2017 NSI was proud to be contracted to provide a full range of shared services to Family Business Network Ireland (www.fbnireland.ie)


Following his retirement after a forty year career in business banking with Ulster Bank Group, John became Director General of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce in 2014, a highly successful pro-trade organisation of which he was a founder in 2011.   John has Chaired the Irish Government's Forum on Philanthropic Funding of the Arts and co-led the development of Dublin’s National Concert Hall Quarter; he was a Member of the Board of the National Concert Hall and of the Dublin Tourism Taskforce and is currently a Board Member at the charity Music Network as well as a Member of the Council and of the Culture and Diversity Taskforce of Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Yve formerly spent ten years of her career with Canada Life Assurance where she was a member of its Sales & Marketing Management Committee and she headed up the group's Marketing Services for its 200-strong direct sales force. She has extensive experience in membership management and voluntary boards across the community, sporting, cultural and commercial landscape, combining strong service assurance for members with excellent board relationships and highly successful high-end business development.

Yve serves as Deputy Director General with the British Irish Chamber of Commerce which she co-founded in 2011 and she serves as Support Services Director at Family Business Network Ireland.

John McGrane is Managing Director at NSI Technology Yve O'Driscoll is Director of Corporate Relationships at NSI Technology Catherine Coffey Senior Executive  Facilities & Events Meet the Team Katie Daughen Head of Brexit Research & Support Services Maeve Crowley Head of Commercial Development Paul Lynam Head of Sectoral Policy


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